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  • $30 WOF inspections.
  • 10% off bills over $100.
  • Free pick and drop off while you play.*
  • Free car wash with every job.

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Tips for Car Servicing

Get the Most from Your Garage!

If you want your vehicle to stay healthy and in top shape, it needs regular check-ups, just as you take yourself to the doctor or dentist for your own health checks

There are 4 clear benefits to taking your car for regular check-ups:

  1. Maintaining the best possible fuel efficiency and performance from your car.
  2. Making sure there are no safety issues.
  3. Maximising its lifespan and preserving re-sale value.
  4. Helping to prevent major mechanical issues that could put you out of pocket and out of action.

Like the regular visit to the dentist’s chair, car maintenance isn’t something we get too excited about. However, it’s easier to fix a tiny tooth cavity before it becomes a pain, and it’s easier to fix small car issues before they develop into something just as fun and pricey as root canal… (not much, and very).

Tip #1: Ask around (but be wary of the cheapest service)

The cheapest option looks so desirable, doesn’t it? The trouble is, there are almost always hidden costs that can leave a nasty taste in the long run.

Example: the humble oil change: I can hear the yawns already – motor oil’s about as exciting as toothpaste – but stay with me… Consider the job of oil in your car:

  1. Lubricates the Engine: reducing engine friction, so your car uses less fuel to produce the same output = less outlay at the petrol pump. Yay! Lubrication also prevents Premature Engine Failure (ouch!!!).
  2. Helps Cool the Engine
  3. Prevents Engine Corrosion
  4. Cleans the Engine: by preventing tartar – sorry! – dirt and sludge build-up, bleuggh!

Using cheaper oil options can impact any or all of these areas. Not good. The same is true for servicing other parts of your car. Paying more for a quality job is always worth it.
You might feel good saving cash on cheap toothpaste for a while, but could well reconsider after your first root canal…

Tip #2: Know your budget

After calling or emailing around you’ll have a clearer idea of how much money you need to spend. Having a budget allows you to communicate better with your mechanic around what you can afford. Never be afraid to let your mechanic know exactly what your budget is. Tell them to contact you, if they see any further work that needs to be done.

Open wide! Keep the channels of communication wide open to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Tip #3: Get on the same page

Be clear about everything and don’t hesitate to ask your mechanic to explain things to you if you’re unsure.

Good questions to ask the mechanic are:

  1. What do I need?
  2. How much will it cost? And why is it going to cost this much?
  3. If I get my car serviced, when will it need servicing again?

Don’t be afraid to talk to the mechanic about any concerns you may have. The more they know about your concerns, the better they can assist.

Tip #4: Stay Connected

Once you find the right workshop for you and your car, keep them! They will keep a record of your car’s service history, giving them a better understanding of what your car needs. If they have a loyalty programme, you may even receive savings and other benefits, such as a free car wash. Regular servicing doesn’t need to be a pain. Taking the time to find a good garage from the outset can make life easy and ‘help protect that smile’! 🙂


Testimonials from Omanu Golfers

"Hi Lance, just a quick note to say thanks for the great service you did on our Subaru. Appreciate the drop off to the club to make my tee time. The car wash was a nice bonus!"


Justin M - Omanu Member

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